Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toy Story Glasses

I find it somewhat amusing that my first post to "Our Crafty Girls" is with my son...but hey...he wanted to craft too!

I have a Toy Story cartridge for my cricut that has some pretty cool glasses on it and my son has been dying to make a pair. (He is also fairly jealous of his sister having her own cricut now, so I agreed to let him do all the work for these himself). Of course, he's only 5 and I'm a control freak so I had to step in a few times :)
Getting the cricut ready.
Pushing the button to start cutting!

There are  A LOT of things I hate about the Toy Story Cartridge. This is one of them: I feel like it should give you a rough estimate of what size to cut the glasses! OOPS! Way too big on our first try!! (We ended up cutting at 4.5" for our final product which were still a tiny bit big for my 44# five year old.)

I'll admit, using the tape roller was where I had to take a deep breath and tell my inner control freak to relax.

Our finished product. It was a ton of fun to craft with him and a good project for me to do with him because it showed me that he can do a lot more than I give him credit for. He looked at himself in the mirror and yelled "I'm stinkin' AWESOME!"


  1. Great job with the glasses!
    (Melissa, really, your daughter has her own cricut? I was 35 before I got mine...) ;)

  2. Haha. Yes, she does! Both of our girls got one from my mom for Christmas. Lucky ducks.

  3. Tell that little cutie he did a great job on those glasses and they look handsome on him too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. He is such a cutie pie! I think he did an awesome job! I have some nephews who would love to have a pair. Will have to look into that cartridge.