Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toy Story Glasses

I find it somewhat amusing that my first post to "Our Crafty Girls" is with my son...but hey...he wanted to craft too!

I have a Toy Story cartridge for my cricut that has some pretty cool glasses on it and my son has been dying to make a pair. (He is also fairly jealous of his sister having her own cricut now, so I agreed to let him do all the work for these himself). Of course, he's only 5 and I'm a control freak so I had to step in a few times :)
Getting the cricut ready.
Pushing the button to start cutting!

There are  A LOT of things I hate about the Toy Story Cartridge. This is one of them: I feel like it should give you a rough estimate of what size to cut the glasses! OOPS! Way too big on our first try!! (We ended up cutting at 4.5" for our final product which were still a tiny bit big for my 44# five year old.)

I'll admit, using the tape roller was where I had to take a deep breath and tell my inner control freak to relax.

Our finished product. It was a ton of fun to craft with him and a good project for me to do with him because it showed me that he can do a lot more than I give him credit for. He looked at himself in the mirror and yelled "I'm stinkin' AWESOME!"

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Design Team Call!

Edit: This is now just an open call for designers. Please read the details below. We are going to leave the call open until we have enough design team members! Please don't feel intimidated if you have never done something like this before!

Welcome to Our Crafty Girls, a brand new challenge blog that encourages us to spend time teaching and crafting with our kids. Our names are Rebecca and Melissa. We are sisters and we each have two creative kids that love to get in on our crafting. In our time off from work we love to spend it in our craft rooms, using our Cricut or making other creations. Our daughters, in particular, have been bitten by the crafting bug and want in on our craft time! This year they both got their own Cricut for Christmas from our parents and are eager to show off their projects just like we do on our blogs.

This led us to this new challenge blog: projects created by moms for their kids and projects created by kids with help from their moms.

But, in order for this to be successful we need help! We need a design team. We are looking for a group of crafters who have a child they would like to craft with (daughter, son, grandchild, niece, family friend, etc;). As a design team member you would be committing to posting a project based on our theme every other week.

While we both are primarily paper crafters and use our Cricut for most of our projects, we are open to any type of crafters (sewing, painting, whatever it is you do!). We are novices ourselves. We are full time working moms and we craft as a hobby. Our focus really is on personality and creativity not on perfection.

So how do you join? Please email  us ( a direct link to a blog post referencing this design team call and a link to our blog. That post must include two projects: 1 project by you that is geared toward a child and one project created by your child with your help. In the post please write a quick note about what type of crafts you like to do and the age/interest of the child you will be crafting with.

Deadline for submissions is 3/18 and we will let you know on 3/22 if you were chosen.

1. You must have a blog (to showcase your work and link to the challenge blog)
2. You must commit to posting every other week. One week will be a project made by you, the other week will be a project made by a child with your help. You must stick to the theme we provide.
3. You must commit to visiting the blogs of people who enter challenges in your week and voting for a winner.
4. The term commitment is three months: 3/29-6/29. If this is working out and you want to continue on with us you can certainly ask to rejoin for another design term.
5. You must participate in two blog hops (One at the start of the design term and one to end the design term).

More details:

  • We will divide designers into "Team A" and "Team B". Challenges will be posted every week on the blog, but you will only be required to contribute every other week (Team A does two weeks, Team B does two weeks).
  • Any project for this challenge must be new and you must link to this blog in your post.
  • We will give you a full list of the dates of your projects and the theme for each date as soon as we accept you as a design team member.
  • Challenges will start on Fridays and end on Thursdays. You must submit a photo of your project and a direct link to your blog post to your team captain by 10pm EST Wednesday Nights.
If you are interested in checking out our blogs to see the kinds of things we create see the links below:


Please feel free to email us with any questions you have!